Who We Are


Who we are

Team Operating is a family run oil and gas producer with operations in Texas and Louisiana. Our corporate office is located on a 5-acre tract of land in Magnolia, Texas that includes our technical office, back office, machine shop and rig yard. Here our “family” comes together as one. By placing management, professional personnel, and field staff close together we work as a cohesive team from acquisition, to implementation, to eventual monetization. With this tight knit group, we monitor all work performed with company employees ensuring that everything is performed properly and per strict environmental and safety standards. Our team is optimized to combining first class field operations with detailed, highly technical, geologic and engineering analysis built upon best practices and new or emerging technologies. As a result, we often identify overlooked and previously unobtainable reserves in a variety of basins and reservoir types.

In addition to providing all operational services inhouse through our family of companies, we are also a certified plug and abandonment company within the states of Texas and Louisiana (certified cementer). Operators exiting a field prefer to sell to us over another operator because they know the liabilities of those assets won’t come back to them later. If the assets become uneconomical and/or wells need to be plugged and abandoned for mechanical reasons, we can do the work at cost and will perform the necessary duties required of us as a prudent operator.

We currently operate both onshore and inland water wells in the states of Texas and Louisiana with a strategic focus on the exploitation and redevelopment of mature assets in the Gulf Coast Basin. However, over our thirty plus year history the company has operated thousands of wells in multiple basins in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, North Dakota, Montana and Oklahoma and continue to seek out conventional and some unconventional opportunities within all these states. We are on our ninth internal fund and have monetized the previous eight funds through asset sales to a combination of independent operators and private equity firms.